Postopia es una organización que desarrolla proyectos desde el urbanismo agrícola, con el objetivo de desarrollar entornos urbanos sostenibles y autosuficientes.
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With a background in academia as well as practice in urban design, planning and architecture, POSTOPIA bridges the gap between theoretical thinking and hands-on solutions for urban development.
POSTOPIA seeks to engage both the public and private sector in the development of alternative urban environments and the creation of design strategies. These holistic strategies are responsive to the uncertainties brought about by the economic imbalances of our time. We are open to, and aware of the virtues of both formal and informal solutions, permanent and temporary, traditional and modern, centralized and decentralized – surgical and acupunctural. We emphasize in the combined synergy of them all.
In recent years the cyclical upheavals of the free market economy are having hard felt consequences in the economic, cultural, and ecological health of many ex-Soviet urban enclaves. The master plans envisioned for the development and rehabilitation of these cities are not producing the expected results. As a consequence those urban areas are in a chronic state of decay; citizens are becoming increasingly disengaged from their own habitat. POSTOPIA was born out of the pragmatic belief that urban professionals should offer solutions that encourage a sustainable-permanent yield of economic, ecologic and cultural profits.
POSTOPIA recognizes that contemporary urban dilemmas are of a highly complex social and economic nature. Our team focuses on identifying the emergencies, the medium-term problems, and the long-term issues that need attention for the betterment of any urban enclave, with fresh eyes. POSTOPIA develops working methods that incorporate and value highly the input of citizens. We don’t aim at developing historicizing or utopian schemes, but at neutralizing uncertainties with certainties through hands-on multi-disciplinary involvement. Blending scientific and humanistic strategies we develop synergetic systems that are both down to earth and visionary.